Infidelity DNA Testing



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About Infidelity DNA Testing is owned and operated by the E-Lab Center. The purpose of this service is to help people who are looking for a way to have honest, open, and transparent discussions with their partners. Our hope is that it will help people to move past the lies and deception that often come with infidelity.

Healthy relationships must be transparent. In order to fix a broken and hurting relationship sometimes you have to go to extremes to reach that level of transparency where healing can begin. The owner of the E-Lab Center, Mr. Kip Charles, is the father of six children, has been married for fourteen years, and has lived through infidelity not only on a personal level but also indirectly through friends and family. What he has found is that you can survive infidelity but only through open, honest, and transparent communication. Both parties must be willing to work through it together. This service is intended to help people find that starting point.