Infidelity DNA Testing

Do you believe that your partner is currently being unfaithful? If you need absolute proof before making a decision that you will regret Infidelity DNA Testing will help you find the truth that you seek. To find out more or receive a free consultation contact us at 800-416-0242

Semen Detection

Do you suspect that your partner has had sex with someone else within the last seven days? Would you like a certified lab which uses state of the art technology to verify that the stains that you found is in fact semen? Semen Detection is the most appropriate form of testing and the best way to find out if your partner has slept with one or multiple parties. For a free consultation call us at 800-416-0242

DNA Detection - Searching for Female DNA

DNA Detection is often used when looking for female DNA on a sample. Our average client will send in a pair of male underwear requesting a DNA test to see whether or not their partner has been with a female within the last seven days. Detecting female DNA is a very challenging process because male DNA, usually semen, overpowers female DNA.

DNA Comparison

There are three steps to finding out the truth of whether or not your partner is actually cheating or not. The first step is to provide us with a sample to test for semen or female DNA. The second step is to make sure the sample is viable and can be used for DNA comparison. The last step is to compare your DNA to the DNA found in the sample so that you know whether or not the sample belongs to you or someone else.

Test My Man

We understand how uncomfortable you may be feeling at this time, our staff is trained specifically to handle your matter with the utmost care and sensitivity. Testing your man for infidelity is not a complicated process and can provide you with the peace of mind or confirmation that you have been looking for.

29 Signs Of Infidelity

  • Hiding cell phone
  • Unusual Work Meetings
  • Sudden interest in going to the gym to get fit
  • Makes lots of bathroom trips
  • Partner suddenly starts dressing nicer
  • Takes longer to get ready
  • Takes showers immediately after coming home
  • Comes home smelling fresh like Irish Springs
  • Does not have time for you
  • Accuses you of cheating
  • Suddenly has new 'friends'
  • Gut feeling
  • Lies about their whereabouts
  • Makes excuses for missing dates or planned events
  • Doesn’t return your calls or text
  • Makes excuses to "run errands"
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Sudden schedule changes
  • Sporadic late work days (OT)
  • Argues when you try to look at their computer
  • Has computer secured or locked down
  • Increase in mysterious and/or late night phone calls
  • Phone is now on vibrate when it never was before
  • Separates themselves from family time or quality couple time
  • Phone attached to hip (won’t leave the room without it) or has phone on lock down
  • Sex Stops
  • Doesn’t seem interested in you anymore
  • Stops public affection
  • Attempts to justify behaviors or gets defensive when asked 'what are you up to?'